The New Year brings a New Crane to Georgia ‘s Phoenix Crane Services

The New Year brings a New Crane to Georgia 's Phoenix Crane Services!

The New Year generally comes with new priorities, and solutions to problems faced the year prior. Keeping our valued customers needs at the forefront, we have added two Manitex 40 ton Boom Trucks to the Phoenix Crane fleet! The new boom truck configuration offers many benefits to Georgia ’s essential working companies.

Features the Manitex includes:

  • Wireless remote for outrigger setup
  • “Live” Boom
  • 124’ of main boom height
  • Veteran Phoenix Crane Operators ready to assist in your upcoming project


With a wireless remote, the operator has the flexibility to obtain obscure views of the crane while extending and setting the outriggers. This is an added safety advantage for the jobsite, by assisting the operator in obtaining optimal ground conditions.

The setup of the crane is considered ‘non-hook time’, and the crane industry is always looking for incremental improvements to shorten the setup process. After the outriggers are set, and the crane is leveled, the boom must be configured to the needs of the job. The Live boom sections on this new crane extend all at once as opposed to a pin and latch design found in many larger truck cranes. This feature decreases the time it takes to extend sections of boom, resulting in more hook time for the customers benefit.

When the boom height is the determining factor for crane selection, a larger truck crane with more boom height would have to be rented. With an impressive 124’ of boom height on the new Manitex our Greater Atlanta customers can enjoy the reduced cost benefit of a 40ton with the boom height nearly mirroring a 75ton rental.

At Phoenix Crane, the average tenure of our employees is an impressive 7.3 years! In our 38 years of operation, we’ve learned to maintain a properly trained, certified, and qualified Operator pool to provide safe and speedy crane and rigging services. The Operators entrusted to these new cranes (Doug Todd, Matt Stephens) have demonstrated year after year, the quality our customers demand.

Our Boom truck fleet have faithfully served the Atlanta community for 38 years and counting. Our services extend to many industries and tasks such as truss setting, steel erection, signs and lighting, tree trimming, supply delivery, telecommunication, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and machinery moving.

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